Aging is a fact of life. As we age, our bodies change; things that once were easy become harder, unless we take steps to try to avert this. As an example, muscles atrophy without use; this is true at any age. However, the older we get, the more we need to exercise to sustain not only our muscular health, but also our bone density.

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Women, especially, who have been through or are going through menopause will see bone density decrease due to the loss of certain hormones. They can take medicine to help stop this, but the best medicines are sometimes the most natural, like going to the gym, dancing, swimming, and strength training. As we age, we may decide to start doing things we never thought we would. Who ever thought about becoming a body builder in their 50’s? Still, it happens.

Many people believe that as they age, they lose memory function. To some extent this is true, but by using the brain we lessen the impact. Brain teasers, crosswords, and memorization will all help keep the mind young and focused. Wouldn’t we be surprised to find a sharper mind in our 60s than we had in our 30s!

Part of the aging process is the genuine surprise of it. To wake up in the morning, stare into the mirror and see a stranger. At least that is the way it starts. Gradually we become accustomed to our new face, and wrinkles start to take on a friendly feel to them. In some ways, we let go of some things that once mattered, but now seem sort of silly.


In today’s age, everyone seems to tackle working on not looking old, however, by doing that it seems like we are losing a perspective that we need to have to offer the young. They need to know that growing old is not a crime, or a sin, or something to be detested — If we don’t know that, who will tell them?

Aging gracefully means taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are only so many face-lifts one can have before the skin is too thin to lift. There are only so many times we can look in the mirror and if we detest our own image while growing old; what will this do to our mental state if we can’t love ourselves as we are? Even more, what will it do to the mental state of those who love us?

Growing old is not a sin; it’s a natural path in life. We can be healthy, even as we age. The truth is, we are going to age, and one of the most powerful medical actions in the world is acceptance. Acceptance, along with exercise and diet, will help keep us healthy.